World wide games

align="right">Games for girls

What games can be for girls? What games can be known world wide? The answer is simple: the internet games are the easiest to access if you have a pc or a laptop with internet connection. We have dress up games, make up games, high school make up games, dress up for weddings, dress up for a party or for prom. Everything a girl desires: clothes and shoes and accessories. Everything is pink with sparkles. This is for girls that really like to shine. I, on the other hand, don’t like to be the center of attention in a place or at a certain time. I just want to be me and those around me must be only my very close friends.

I am not a very sociable person; I like to live my life without much excitement because I tend to get hurt by people. So I like to spend my days indoors playing dress up games and quizzes that vary in general knowledge. Many people think I am crazy that I don’t know and don’t like to party. But they don’t know me. Of course I like to party, sometimes. But not everyday and all the time, no work and all play, as some young people tend to do. I like to read a book, from time to time; to watch a movie or even sit back and talk with my family about different issues which arise concerning the daily chores. My favorite games for girls are those with make-up and dress-up and hair styling. I just love to color the hair and then cut it of curl it to look more trendy.

Bitcoin games

Most of the games you can play with bitcoin currency are casino games. But there are other games that offer you bitcoin money in order to play their games. One such game is MinecraftCC Mine4BTC. Get in the game and earn bitcoins. Another game that earns you bitcoin money is Dragon’s Tale. All the other games require for you to use your bitcoin money to buy the games in order for you to be able to play them. These games are all involving casino playing, roulette games and card games. There are also games that require multiple players.
But all in all, bitcoin games are not the safest or the best solution if you want to waste your time on casino gaming.


Real currency

Every country has its own currency. At the top is of course the Euro, for Europe, as in England the pound is at its best. And that should be an example for the rest of the countries that entered the European Union. Nothing is good in this union, but what can small people do? Forget that, I want to talk to you about currency. You know, I don’t know much about other countries’ currency, but I do know about the Australian Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Korean Won, the Romanian Ron and of course the British Pound (and this is my favorite). What else is there to mention about currency? Hmm…well, there are different types of money: bills and coins. The bills come in different colors, as the shape is of rectangular form, the coins are round and they come in different sizes.

All these are real currencies, but what about the currency used on the internet when purchasing a book, let’s say; what currency do you use then? The answer would be real money, but that’s not true. You can use bitcoin currency. Where? Well, in my opinion I think everywhere. But that is not true. I will explain further.


The bit coin is an internet currency and it’s used mostly in casino gaming online and on pay-per-click sites. But it depends on each and every site. Most sites pay directly on pay-pal or checks, for those that reside in the United States of America.

But what exactly is bitcoin? It was first introduced on the internet in 2009 as an alternative to credit cards with which we pay online when purchasing something. It is easy and fast to trade with bitcoin. Casino games have also implemented this method because they can win more money this way.

I don’t know much about them, but I hear that they are very fun to play and sometimes people win and then they spend even more until they are left with nothing in their pockets. Where do we find these casino games? Well, Las Vegas is the universe of casino gaming and everybody loves to play a good game.

What are these games in fact? Well, card games, roulette games, dart games and the easiest to play, the electronic games. Card games are made up of: solitaire, bridge, poker. Roulette games are those in which you have to be very lucky or very well trained to know your dices. In darts, all you have to do is reach your target and the money is yours. The electronic games require a coin to insert, if you play them in the real world. If played on the internet, some come for free, others you have to pay with bitcoin currency to see if you have a chance of winning the jackpot or not

Personally, I prefer the games that come for free, whether they are card games, dart games of electronic games. And I like to play them all online, because I don’t like to go out much. I hope you find your own favorite game among all the above described.


Games that children play

Today I want to share something with you: I like to play games. Well, everybody likes to play games, after all we are still kids on the inside and sometimes we just want to relax. What games can make us relax? Hide-and-seek is a game which even grownups play and nobody should judge them for playing this game. It is fun and enjoyable and it’s a game played outdoors, so it encourages everyone to appreciate the nature. Another game and this was my favorite when I was little, is tag and freeze tag. There is also a variable form of tag, animal tag. When the person tries to tag you, you must name an animal so you can escape the tag. “Simon says” it’s also fun to play because it involves small actions to do as in jump as high as you can or run around the park three laps or do a crazy dance. The adult version of this game may include some sensual moves or innuendos but it would be something fun and not very nasty. I’d say that as long as you are having fun it doesn’t matter what game you play or how silly that game may be.

Athletic kids play tennis, badminton, basketball, football or soccer. Marco Polo is another game that is played outdoors in a swimming pool, not too deep, so that everyone can move around freely as they need to run in the water. Jumping the rope is also fun if you are athletic enough and if your lungs can hold out as you need to take breathe breaks.
So these are games played outside by kids and grownups as well and they don’t require much: just to have fun and be healthy enough to keep up the pace with jumping and running around for finding your opponents in the hide-and-seek game.

Games with knowledge

What are these games with knowledge? These are games which you see often on TV or on the internet and they’re called general quizzes. The themes can vary: they can be sports related, entertainment related, music, arts anything is possible. You just have to know a bit of everything. Of course if some quizzes have science related themes that is a bit problematic. I don’t know much about science, all I know is the year Einstein was born, which is common sense to know such info.
Remember the old program on which we chatted called mIRC? There was a channel with quizzes. I think the channel was called OldTimes or something like that; it had all kinds of questions. I played on it but with not many victories, most of the time I was last placed and almost never won a series of games.

The game that I’m playing now is created by a team from Hungary and the quiz is called “Conquiztador”. The topics vary from universal literature to geography, history, and arts, lifestyle and entertainment. It’s quite a challenge to play this game. I recommend it to everyone willing to kill the boredom in their life. Another game would be “Do you want to be a billionaire?” but that is a TV-show game and you have to appear on the small screens everywhere around the world. But it’s the same game. Knowledge is power.
Casino games

Everybody knows what casino games are but did you know that you can play such games online as well? And with real online currency you can be gambling with bit coin. Casino games are for wealthy people, I mean you can’t expect a normal person with a minimum wage to go and gamble his salary away on such games.

So, where do you find a bit coin casino? On the internet of course, because real casino games are expected to be played with real money, real currency. So, if nothing stands in your way and you want to try out your hand of destiny, you can try and play a casino game with bit coin currency. Which is not bad, it is fun and sometimes people can win a lot out of these games.